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utilizing an M1 chip.  If you have the Intel chip, please look here for support



Big Sur [11.x]

Released on 12 November 2020



I have Mac OS Big Sur on an M1 chip based Mac, and am able to access CAC enabled websites using the native smart card, and adding the DoD certificates from step 5 on 

NOTE: I tested with both the Identive SCR3310v2.0 USB Smart Card Reader (USB type C) and the Identive SCR3500C USB Smartfold Card Reader (USB type C), the AvidCard CAC_C USB Smart Card Reader (USB type C) did NOT work for me utilizing a G+D FIPS 201 SCE 3.2 CAC or 7.0 CAC.


NOTE2:  Mac OS 11.xx.x would not read the "G+D FIPS 201 SCE 7.0" CAC with the SCR-3310 v2.0 reader with firmware Version below 6.02.  So, if your reader is below 6.02, you may need to purchase a new reader.

Stop Gap CAC image


Some programs that were made to work with the Intel based Mac will work when your computer installs a program called Rosetta 2. 


Virtual Machines and Bootcamp are still not compatible to run Windows for certain DoD websites.  I have contacted Parallels and asked to be on their beta.  But am unable to find an ARM version of Windows to install in the Parallels Virtual Machine.



 How to sign a PDF using Adobe

Please verify these settings on your Mac:
Open an Adobe PDF file,
Select the words Adobe Reader [or Acrobat Reader] (at the top of the screen)
Click Preferences
Under Categories, scroll down to Signatures
In the Creation and Appearance section, click More
Make sure Enable CryptoTokenKit framework support is checked.
You also need to change the Default Signing Format from PKCS#7-Detached to CAdES-Equivalent
Close Adobe Reader
Double click an Adobe PDF file you need to sign


Problems accessing DTS?


You have to use the Safari web browser (Chrome has not worked for anyone)
Select the Show Details (button)
Click the link titled:  visit this website
Click the button that shows:  Visit Website
Enter your computer password, [you are manually adding the web address to your keychain access]. 
Click Update Settings (button)
DTS should now open for you.
I have added some sites I know are having this issue here.  You can download the certificates you need.  Then will only need to double click it and do a manual trust on them. 
Here's How to manually trust the certificate(s): Double click the certificate, select the triangle next to Trust, in the When using this certificate: select Always Trust.



Air Force and Coast Guard users who utilize VMware Horizon need to update their client

NOTE:  I'm not sure if this program will install with an M1 chip.  If anyone in the Air Force tries it, please let me know.

Here is the link:



Look here for installation steps
You will see in Table 1 that no CAC enablers are compatible with Mac OS Big Sur. 



CAC Readers:  With a variety of CAC readers available today there are also a variety of issues.  The SCR series of CAC readers work very well.  The SCR-331 reader may need a Firmware Update.  See several different models of  USB CAC readers here.  You will see a small note on some of the readers to show you how to make them compatible with your Mac.


Air Force users look here for some helpful information


Navy users look here for some specific information



Other versions of Mac OS supported in this website:



Ventura  (13.x) users, utilize the Ventura support page

Big Sur (11.x) users with Intel chip, utilize the Big Sur support page

Catalina Catalina tiny image (10.15.x) users, utilize the Catalina support page

Mojave Mojave tiny (10.14.x) users, utilize the Mojave support page

High Sierra Mac OS High Sierra image (10.13.x) users, utilize the High Sierra support page

Sierra Mac OS Sierra (10.12.x) users, utilize the Sierra support page

El Capitan el Capitan (10.11.x) users, utilize the El Capitan support page

Yosemite Yosemite small imae (10.10.x) users, utilize the Yosemite support page

Mavericks Mavericks logo (10.9.x) users, utilize the Mavericks support page

Mountain Lion OS X Mountain Lion logo (10.8.x) users, utilize the Mountain Lion support page

Lion Apple Lion logo (10.7.x) users, utilize the Lion support page

Snow Leopard Apple Snow Leopard logo (10.6.x) users, utilize the Snow Leopard support page

Leopard Apple Leopard logo (10.5.x) users, utilize the Leopard support page

Tiger Apple Tiger logo (10.4.x) users, utilize the Tiger support page



If you are still having problems, contact us


 If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry



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